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Web’s top gem collector Urlesque has spotted this new kick-ass video from a London based We Have Band. Now, I’m a big fan of stop-motion films, but this is something of an intrinsic value, as it’s made from 4,816 individual stills. Created for the song “You Came Out” by some of the bands own members, the 3 minute animation goes well beyond anything I’ve seen, and truly fantabulous.

The band describes the process of making the video as painstaking, as everyone had to be hand-painted and shot over two days with mouth and lyric syncing to care about.


Boxxy’s one of my fav Youtube personalities, a goofy teen girl who made millions of us spellbound with her weird webcam blasting traits. However, since the public and media have discovered her, it seems she’s no longer braving an appearance on her Youtube channel boxxybabee. I know that some people have questioned her real identity and whether she was a yet another LonelyGirl15 type of character, but after hudreds of memes, and over 41,000 subbers, has she dissapeared off the face of Youtube for good?!, surely not. Below is a video by RocketBoom explaining who Boxxy is and why we care about her.

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I don’t know how 3D videos are possible, especially if you’re watching it on youtube.  But some experi-mentalists have come up with ways to bring in a proper 3D cinematic experience on your laptop screen! which means you can now watch weird and wonderful video footage of people showing their extraordinarily boring experiments in 3D. Alas, I could only wish  Chocolate Rain was in 3D.

Anyway, here are some rich pickings of 3D vids, if you don’t have funky red and blue glasses then bigwazo shows you how to make a pair.

And this guy tells exactly how you do it…

The hot funk dexter, Beck has released a remake of the video for his song Gamma Ray, this time featuring the voguish Chloe Sevigny, my fav indie actress, whose quirkiness has been exploited by brands like Uniqlo and Samsonite Black. Directed by Jess Holzworth the new version of the video made its debut on MySpace this week.

Samsung has come up with yet another interactive video promoting its Samsung Instinct phone, which essentially shows the life of a professional urban adventurist who happens to have a very high sense of instinct when it comes to promiscuity. Whatever the storyline is it’s quite interesting one to watch, why? because the video used YouTube’s new annotations (a new tool that allows publishers to add interactive speech marks, links and spotlights on to the video), in order to create a storyline with multiple possibilities and ultimately viewer driven entertainment video experience.

According to Fjord Interactive Marketing, the makers of the video, they intended to emphasise that making routine choices in life makes your life less spontaneous and if only you owned Samsung Instinct you might turn that around and sleep with more women than you usually do.

Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman is featured in an old Bollywood style music video called Carmensita from Devendra Banhart, a folk indie artist whose latest album is called “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon“. Tho the video is about Hindu love tale, the song is in Spanish and has English subtitles, and in truth, it can’t get any more obscure than this: