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Nowadays evertything comes ready made even a website. Thanks to a selection of online DIY toolbox excluding all the CSS, Java, HTML nonsense you can now build a website for free and as quick as your kettle boils.  So beat a web developer or two, and get cracking with building your own snazzy websites with the tools below!


SnapPages – this flash based drag and drop development tool allows you to create and manage a professional quality website from a ready-made templates. Pretty awesome tool and it gets several thumbs up from me.

Weebly – is a website as well as blog creation tool. Great thing about this tool is that it hosts your domain for free! It also lets you drag&dump videos, pictures, maps, and texts. Use it to purposefully and don’t put up second class content otherwise you look unprof and not the web developer.


BaseKit – currently in Alpha, according to company BaseKit offers a more dynamic and rich featured web creation,  only quicker!

Edicy – another simple and straightforward tool that’s probably more useful if you have a small business needing more than just an online banner.

Viviti – lets you choose from over 100 templates or design your own. I’s also based on simple non-coded editing. Vivity also hosts your website for free once it’s published. You can also ad RSS feeds and other third party content from sites such as Youtube and Flickr.


Yola – is straightforward as putting up a picture frame on a wall. It doesn’t need you to write in ISO languages instead it creates you a page with a few fancy links in it.