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I always thought the French capital lived up to its reputation for being the most immaculate city in the world until I came across an interseting art project from Fondation Cartier, which convinced the hell out of me that those shipshape Parisians in fact do have an unsupressable interest in street art.

As part of the project called Grafitti Taxonomy, Evan Roth took photos of nearly all grafittis in Paris and then created what’s called a graffiti analysis software, which allows him to tag and visualise different styles of graffitis and make them all available for a public view online.

Take a look at a piece of the action below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


A fellow art and design blogger at Surfstation has posted about an innovative information mapping website called Informapping. It’s an intriguing tool that visualises where international news is being broken around the world on the internet.

According to the site, Washington is the top news breaking city in the world, but it’s kind of obvious thing to proclaim as informapping sources news from AP, CNN, Reuters and NYTimes only which means the real contraflow of global news on the internet could be a little underrepresented, nevertheless it gives a good overview on where news is breaking and with how much of an impact.