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While I was browsing the red carpet photos from the last night’s Oscars, and looking at picture perfect images of the world’s most well dressed women,   I started to think that something was missing from the photos,. and it wasn’t the diamond sparkles, golden glow faces, nor was it the shininess of the widest smile exhibiting the perfect symmetry, but that  something could well be completely unintentional, I thought.  So I went  on a little experiment using mosaic image generator (below you see mosaic images built from thousands of photos found in Flickr pool).


Dita Von Teese

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz


It’s been snowing for two days in London and it is the heaviest snowing since the 1990’s apparently! With so much snow falling densely over one part of the world, I’m sure there’s a butterfly effect somewhere on the otherside of the world, where there’s barely a snow flake in sight.

Although I wasn’t able to run out and dive into 5 inch snow and feel my socks go soggy, I’ve been snowreeling some 2,400 photos tagged under #uksnow on Flickr (all tagged in the last 48 hours), which I can tell is the biggest simultaneous photo tagging of the white stuff since the World Wide Web was born in the early nineties.

Both the scale of snow and photos taken, we can proudly claim, at least for once, that UK is the most amazing Winter Wonderland ever!

Photo by ciaranj75

Photo by ciaranj75

shoreditch postersLast weekend I decided to extend my cool hunting beyond the usual digging of the search engine ditches and hit the streets of East London to experience its booming street art scene for the very first time.

I wasn’t in the mission on my own, as I joined a two dozens of art hungry bloggers on a Street Art tour around Shoreditch, which was extremely lucky of me as I was given a crash course in street art by a graffiti whizz kid Michael Vandalong and a resident Art expert Romain of Fubiz . As a result I discovered street art in the form of graffiti ( D*Face, Sweet Toof, Sickboy and Eine), stencils (Banksy, TEK13) , posters (Obey, Jim Cereal and Mike Marcus), mosaics (Invader) last but not least paintings from Barry McGee and Patr2ism.

The tour was part of a wider campaign called Gofindit from Ford Ka, which aims to encourage people to explore the city beyond just the obvious.

As a final note, I’d like to give massive thanks to Robin and Sandrine at We Are Social for bringing in an amazing Art and Mars bar filled afternoon. You can see eclectic mix of photos from our tour on Flickr and a short video clip below.

If you’re interested in organising your own street art tour, please be sure to visit StreetArtLocator , a google street art map mashup for a start.

While the instantly gratified polaroid fun is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, the fans of the polaroid camera are vigorously campaigning to save it in the face of discontinuation of polaroid films by Polaroid Corp. The real thing maybe no longer on manufacturers’ list, but the subculture of polaroid photography still lives on. And Interestingly, it has taken a completely new form of production with the advent of Poladroid, the coolest “IT” web app of the moment that allows you to create polaroid image out of existing trash snaps. A hat tip also goes to Polanoid community who keeps the instant fun alive and burning with its ongoing projects like weekly themed polaroid photo competitions.

Where's Emily? (Polaroid Collage)  © Nina Buesing

Where's Emily? © Nina Buesing

Observer published a feature today called the 08 Cool List, with effortlessly cool Alexa Chung, the Channel4 TV presenter being on top of the list. I think she well deserves to be named the coolest, as she’s uber talented, stylish and has really quirky sense of humour, and let’s not forget she bagged herself an Arctic Monkey.

Here’s rest of the top 10 cool people out of 50.

2. Miranda July

An author, film-maker, artist and god know what else, July is a neo-punkist who made a prizewinning film Me and You and Everyone We Know and a collection of stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You. She is working on some very cool web projects, go and check the out.

3 & 4. Camilla and Marc Freeman, designers

This Australian siblings who make bold yet wearable dresses worn by cool Hollywood kids like Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton and Scarlett Johanson. They must have inherited their coolness from their uber fashionista grandma or something.

5. Camille, musician

Parisian 30-year-old Camille’s 2005 album, Le Fil, starts with an intake of breath. Later, there are hand claps and moments of human beat-box. Her recent release, ‘Music Hole’, is quirky in the best possible way” Observer says. Here’s her song Paris in french 🙂

6. Henrik Vibskov, fashion designer

Danish designer Vibskov, 35, makes films and funny, colourful, brilliant cropped trousers like these ones.

7. Yvan Face Hunter, photographer/blogger

Yvan, cam-shoots rare stylistas around Europe for his street fashion blog Face Hunter and as previously posted he also has street fashion show which expolores fashion beyond Europe.

8. Steve Gullick, photographer

London-based Gullick, rose to fame as a punk photographer before starting seminal anti-music-press magazine Careless Talk Costs Lives. He photographed the likes of Kurt Cobain, Neil Young and Bloc Party and all his photos are vintage looking.

9. Brian Gathii, graphic designer

Kenyan-born Gathii uses innovative, non-fading techniques to create hilarious, neon t-shirts. Check the dude’s interview on NYLON magazine.

10. Fafi, artist

Parisian street-artist Fafi, paints feminine graffiti – curvy, sassy girls all around the world. Her profile reads “her sexy, funny, and sometimes aggressive girl characters made the whole world look and help kick-start a whole new graphic language; exploring feminity through stereotypes, and using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans”

Trend Hunter has revealed an interesting photography series called Money Shots on Flickr, in which a group of photographers have created a rather unusual form of art by combining a real human face, with the faces of Sir Edwards Elgar, The Queen Elisabeth ll, and Charles Darvin on £10 and 20£ notes and this one is my personal favourite.


Now I must admit I’ve seen very similar photography projects in the past and I’ve got a sneak suspicion that this sort of activity has its origin in the “Vynil Sleeve Heads” art movement, which has been gaining a lot of traction on the internet with increasing number of peeps are getting involved.

In fact, it has now its dedicated Facebook group Facesleeves containing 2,245 human/sleeve photos and a Flickr group Sleeveface with members tolling 1,345. I also came across that Mojo, an online music magazine, has called for its readers to post their own version of Vynil Sleeve Heads photos.

Having found my inspiration from “How to Sleeveface” video guide below, I am off to submit my own version of sleeveface to the new Sleeveface Contest 2008 and I urge you all to do the same.

And this is my sleeveface, not bad aye!

Gerel Sleeveface

The world’s favourite street fashion blogger Yvan Rodic at Face Hunter has reportedly launched a show that will capture the weird and wonderfulness of the world’s fashion at it’s rawest.

Shot to fame after taking thousands of photos of street fashionistas around the world, Yvan is said to be embarking on a bigger project of capturing the modern fashion and culture beyond still images. In a recent interview with PFSK, Yvan explained how he got the inspirations:

“After two years of chasing the elegantly strange, the aesthetically sensual and the discretely eccentric in the world-wide playground of Face Hunter, I feel like it’s high time I share more than just my photos. It became almost frustrating not to show to the world the creativity of all the people I was meeting, who happenned to be not only well dressed but for lots of them very talented as well.”

You can catch up with the rest of the show by visiting on Myspace.