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Web’s top gem collector Urlesque has spotted this new kick-ass video from a London based We Have Band. Now, I’m a big fan of stop-motion films, but this is something of an intrinsic value, as it’s made from 4,816 individual stills. Created for the song “You Came Out” by some of the bands own members, the 3 minute animation goes well beyond anything I’ve seen, and truly fantabulous.

The band describes the process of making the video as painstaking, as everyone had to be hand-painted and shot over two days with mouth and lyric syncing to care about.


I’ve just happened to discover the  incredibly talented Kutiman, who runs the pioneering music project called Thru You, whereby he remixes various Youtube UGC videos to make a highly original multi-genre (modern acid jazz, funk, rock, soul and hip-hop) music.  Kutiman essentially brought together the first ever Youtube music band consisting of  various different bedroom talents and Youtube millenials, thus orchestrating a real collaborative,  ankle popping music!

Check out his latest remix video to see how it’s done.

fredo-violaThis week I was thrilled to have discovered some remarkebly original work from Fredo Viola, a London born artist and a musician who is undeniably the most imaginative art driven fusioneer.  On his equally inspiring website you’ll find that his artistic expression of music is truly multidimentional and free from modern day cliches.

One of Viola’s most well known songs are perhaps The Sad Song in which individually  recorded vocal harmonies are so masterfully orchestrated to create this eclectic  layers of tumultuous melody in the midst of soft electro beats. The result is something you’ve never heard of, which what makes Fredo Viola so genious. See below for a more resent work from Viola.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The first blog post in the brand new sizzling hot year of 2009!! Hope you’re feeling non-taxated and somewhat adrenalised in this post festive period.

There’s no doubt 2008 was a year full of doom and gloom with so many twisted  ironies and occasional idiosyncrasies, but I’m impatiently waiting to see what 2009 holds for pop-culturalist, sub-modernist trends inspectors like me.

So before I choke to death with my own excitement, here’s some interesting trend forecasts freshly delivered from the web:

General trends

Jeremy Gutsch at Trend Hunter:  Hot Trends in 2009 Forecast

Predictions: DIY crafting, Hollywood virals, Shockvertising, Geek pride, Humanisation of pets, Style over tradition, Pop gaming, Brag materialism and Political Remixing.


Telegraph: Top 10 websites for art in 2009

The Independent: Highlights of 2009: Art

Prediction: Don’t think anyone knows it yet!, I reckon  it’ll be the usual wacky, harebrained, controversial, extremely talented and non talented stuff. Apparently, Linz, the Austrian city will be the European Capital of Culture in 2009, excited to see what the city regorges up with.


Guardian Music: Hotlist 2009

The Vine TV: UK music predictions 2009

Predictions: 2009 will be the year of pop sensation Clare Maguire, and a  host of other bands and artists, as listed below.

  • Florence and the Maching
  • Everything Everything
  • Golden Silvers
  • Little Boots
  • The Big Pink
  • Doves
  • Antony & The Johnsons
  • White Lies
  • AutoKratz
  • And the mighty Franz Ferdinand comeback album!


Fashionising: Fashion Trends 2009

Trend Hunter: Spring-Summer 2009 Fashion

Predictions: 2009 SS Women’s fashion will consist of wrecked denim, fetish garments, fairy tale dresses, see-throughs, flat abs and all other things that I’m happy to ignore.

Consumer technology

Telegraph: Future technology: our predictions for 2009

Digital Trends: Tech Trends for 2009

Predictions: Touchy feely screens, Netbooks, Blu-ray players, live-streaming technology and more social networking shabangs.

The web/Social Media

ReadWriteWeb: 2009 Web Predictions

Lightspeed Venture: Consumer Internet Predictions for 2009

Predictions: Free web, Virtualisation, Better social media management tools and more mashups.


Telegraph: New Year 2009: Leading thinkers offer predictions of ‘next big thing’

Predictions: Radiotelepathy, green energy technology, genetic re-engineering, Artificial Intelligence, personal genomics and funnily enough the End of Optimism.

Now if you’ve seen Beyonce’s Single Ladies video, you might have wondered how she does it in a such blast. Choreographed by a former New York Broadway actress Gwen Verdon, the smashing video has been stirring a massive interest causing hudreds of fan remixes on the hit channel Youtube, where literally everyone from old to young is at it. As shown in the CW11 programme below, it truelly has become a web phenomenon.

And if you look closely there are MEN doing it too!

The hot funk dexter, Beck has released a remake of the video for his song Gamma Ray, this time featuring the voguish Chloe Sevigny, my fav indie actress, whose quirkiness has been exploited by brands like Uniqlo and Samsonite Black. Directed by Jess Holzworth the new version of the video made its debut on MySpace this week.

I find this little mandolin playing songstress utterly charming. With her obvious gift of raw musical talent, DaisyCow88, the latest of youtube music  phenomenon, has been drawing all sorts of attention on YouTube in recent months.

It seems Brazil, the country of the famous Bossa Nova is bursting with new musical talents who are the new generation of MySpace famers in the making.

We’ve seen the likes of CSS rocked the Brit pop scene with their wildly chromatic costumes, lyrically extatic and musically flash performances. According to the Times music review, CSS definitely has the charm offence to make us smooth bang our heads repulsively.

“With an effortless and non-ironic joie de vivre, CSS were embraced by the UK for their camp punk attitude. Their self-titled debut’s mix of fuzzy, lo-fi electro pop ranked among the best of 2006. It was also clear from their live shows that this was the kind of loveable, scrappy, surreal gang that everyone wanted to be part of.”

However, although CSS might be the new young things in town, they’re not the youngest as there’s a 15 years old hearty soul singer and song writer, Mallu Magalhaes, who has been rumoured to become the Lilly Allen of Brazil.

And last but not least, another YouTuber to hit the viral chart is the 7 year old drummer Letícia Santos, who is not only an exceptionally brilliant at it, but also she was the youngest drummer in the world at the age of four, yes only four to my disbelief.

Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman is featured in an old Bollywood style music video called Carmensita from Devendra Banhart, a folk indie artist whose latest album is called “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon“. Tho the video is about Hindu love tale, the song is in Spanish and has English subtitles, and in truth, it can’t get any more obscure than this:

A British indie band 28 Costumes has made a really quirky video using animated album covers from bands like Blur, Madness, Clash and Velvet Underground.

Having never heard of the band nor listened to their music, I eagerly searched for reviews and found this on ClickMusic – I can tell you it’s the best music review I ever read :D.

28 Costumes have been knocking around a few years now, wandering the streets of ‘indie’ like lonesome troubadours, bivouacs strapped to their backs, looking a little bit like Fletch from Hollyoaks, but without the track marks.

‘Erika’ marks the band’s return; a piece of epic guitar work, frantically scaling up and down the fretboard. Call and response vocals, and every line finishing with a shout all add to the bluster, buffeting your ears with beautiful melodies. It channels a pinch of British Sea Power, a hint of The Killers, but makes the influences their own.