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Boxxy’s one of my fav Youtube personalities, a goofy teen girl who made millions of us spellbound with her weird webcam blasting traits. However, since the public and media have discovered her, it seems she’s no longer braving an appearance on her Youtube channel boxxybabee. I know that some people have questioned her real identity and whether she was a yet another LonelyGirl15 type of character, but after hudreds of memes, and over 41,000 subbers, has she dissapeared off the face of Youtube for good?!, surely not. Below is a video by RocketBoom explaining who Boxxy is and why we care about her.

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If you haven’t yet caught up with the latest Youtube meme called 51 Things, then you might be in a right place. Basically, some teenager decided to show off his/her fav belongings in their rooms and post it on Youtube, and since then it’s caught on like a wildfire with over 2,600 vids showing up.

I’ve been beshizzled by the amount of gadgets these ripe old kids own, but then I own more than 51 things and it grows more with age 😀

Anyhow, check out some of the most interesting collections.