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Humankind has been using maps ever since we existed, that’s because we simply have a very poor sense of navigation or maybe that we are too lazy to remember where is the nearest Tesco for example. But not long ago Google Maps came along, revolutionising the way we search and find places without the need of a compass. Further to the excitement, there has been an explosion in the number of Google Maps mashups in recent months, some of which makes mapping more fun, purposeful and most of all social, and I am here to review a few of them.

First of all, I’ve discovered this quite serviceable tool called MapMe, which allows you to pinpoint your favourite hotspots and personalise it by including photos and videos of the place. It then gives you an option to share it with your mates as well as the community on MapMe. So it’s kind of like your personal map becoming available for others to see, simple!

Next is my favourite mashup called TwitterSpy, a tool that allows you to spy on Twitter public timeline in real time. It is built on the combination of both Twitter API and Google Map API and result is simply great! With TwitterSpy you can locate tweeters by their country, city and even by the streets!

Finally, Google Maps has been applied to an art project called SkipWaste. An art graduate Oliver Bishop-Young decided to turn skips to a lounge, swimming pool and garden for a graduate art exhibition, and all of his arty skips can be located via his Google Maps mashup SkipWaste.

Indeed Google Maps Mashups has become a form of Art, and recently been declared so by the Museum of Modern Art in New York according to Google Maps Mania

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