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Google Bot by Tyler Jordan

I’m one of those lucky people whose life involves googling things up for a living. But spending nearly one quarter of my weekly working hours on googling, I began to notice some flaws Google, the biggest information churning engine presents in my very eyes.

1. Google results doesn’t get refreshed with time

Instead it chucks up some of the most boringly old web content that’s probably written even before the boom. The problem with google is that, whenever a site reaches the first in the ranking, it tend to permanently rot in the very same spot, as any below avarage google user would tell you that they’re prepared to click on anything that comes up first regardless of anything, which means the traffics to those sites ranked in the first are constant and this leads to my second problem.

2. Google’s loyalty to perfect 10

I was talking to a friend the other day who casually mentioned that she never bothers to look beyond the first 10 results in Google. Sadly that means she never gets to discover new and inspiring things that the searchland has to offer, as she’s only limited by the perfect 10 search frame. I mean why shouldn’t it be 20, 30, or even 100!!

3. Badly drawn Google

Why Google, one of the world’s richest tech company, cannot seem to invest in a decent holiday  logo designs? Graphic design has evolved beyond some silly drawings, read LogoDesignLove for goodness’ sake, and pay the artists well..

Despite all these flaws, Google is still our dearest search engine and stuff coming out of GoogleLabs are quite simply amazing but equally, I don’t think I should spend all my working hours googling only to miss out on hidden gems of WWW.


It’s been snowing for two days in London and it is the heaviest snowing since the 1990’s apparently! With so much snow falling densely over one part of the world, I’m sure there’s a butterfly effect somewhere on the otherside of the world, where there’s barely a snow flake in sight.

Although I wasn’t able to run out and dive into 5 inch snow and feel my socks go soggy, I’ve been snowreeling some 2,400 photos tagged under #uksnow on Flickr (all tagged in the last 48 hours), which I can tell is the biggest simultaneous photo tagging of the white stuff since the World Wide Web was born in the early nineties.

Both the scale of snow and photos taken, we can proudly claim, at least for once, that UK is the most amazing Winter Wonderland ever!

Photo by ciaranj75

Photo by ciaranj75

The first blog post in the brand new sizzling hot year of 2009!! Hope you’re feeling non-taxated and somewhat adrenalised in this post festive period.

There’s no doubt 2008 was a year full of doom and gloom with so many twisted  ironies and occasional idiosyncrasies, but I’m impatiently waiting to see what 2009 holds for pop-culturalist, sub-modernist trends inspectors like me.

So before I choke to death with my own excitement, here’s some interesting trend forecasts freshly delivered from the web:

General trends

Jeremy Gutsch at Trend Hunter:  Hot Trends in 2009 Forecast

Predictions: DIY crafting, Hollywood virals, Shockvertising, Geek pride, Humanisation of pets, Style over tradition, Pop gaming, Brag materialism and Political Remixing.


Telegraph: Top 10 websites for art in 2009

The Independent: Highlights of 2009: Art

Prediction: Don’t think anyone knows it yet!, I reckon  it’ll be the usual wacky, harebrained, controversial, extremely talented and non talented stuff. Apparently, Linz, the Austrian city will be the European Capital of Culture in 2009, excited to see what the city regorges up with.


Guardian Music: Hotlist 2009

The Vine TV: UK music predictions 2009

Predictions: 2009 will be the year of pop sensation Clare Maguire, and a  host of other bands and artists, as listed below.

  • Florence and the Maching
  • Everything Everything
  • Golden Silvers
  • Little Boots
  • The Big Pink
  • Doves
  • Antony & The Johnsons
  • White Lies
  • AutoKratz
  • And the mighty Franz Ferdinand comeback album!


Fashionising: Fashion Trends 2009

Trend Hunter: Spring-Summer 2009 Fashion

Predictions: 2009 SS Women’s fashion will consist of wrecked denim, fetish garments, fairy tale dresses, see-throughs, flat abs and all other things that I’m happy to ignore.

Consumer technology

Telegraph: Future technology: our predictions for 2009

Digital Trends: Tech Trends for 2009

Predictions: Touchy feely screens, Netbooks, Blu-ray players, live-streaming technology and more social networking shabangs.

The web/Social Media

ReadWriteWeb: 2009 Web Predictions

Lightspeed Venture: Consumer Internet Predictions for 2009

Predictions: Free web, Virtualisation, Better social media management tools and more mashups.


Telegraph: New Year 2009: Leading thinkers offer predictions of ‘next big thing’

Predictions: Radiotelepathy, green energy technology, genetic re-engineering, Artificial Intelligence, personal genomics and funnily enough the End of Optimism.

I know the Google’s Chrome has recently made a well applauded public entrance to already configured terrain of web browsing market and was then quickly hailed as the future of the web browsing, but I still think the browser technology innovation doesn’t quite end there.

The flat screen, structured way of navigating and browsing the internet has long been challenged with extra creativity and dimensions of a whole new level. Some of these browsers are so much worthy of our celebration, that I decided to include few in this post.

1. Navigaya Beta – a browser with multitudes of innovative elements, it is the ultimate browser that you get completely immersed into. With its sensual, sleek design and the subtle background music this browser has really stolen my heart from the very first instance. Without spoiling it any further, I have the demo here.

2. CoolIris – as the name suggest, this is a browser that allows you to experience the most amazing multidimensional internet browsing you could ever have. CoolIris is an integrated browser through which you can watch and organise all your social media assets and profiles. Build as a simple add-on application, you can easily download this browser as part of your Firefox extention.

3. 3B – another 3D inspired browser that has been existing for a while. Unlike other 3D browsers, 3B is based on unification of virtual world and a browser. The result is quite interesting as the browser looks a bit like a cross between virtual rooms and social browsing.