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A few days ago, I was kindly asked to nominate my best viral video of the year to the Voscars, an exclusive event from Virgin Mobile, which I attended later to preview some tear jerking, jaw dropping and head smacking virals from the year of 2008. And after 30 viral nominations from 30 bloggers were sliced, diced and grilled by 30 other panel judges (the number is quite meaningful here), the winner of the Best Viral of 2008 was!…

  1. Jizz In My Pants

A little birdie told me it was a rude viral but who cares it’s xmas, anything is allowed here.

There were some equally well spotted virals at the Voscars, and below is rest of the top 10 virals of the year!

2. Diesel’s xXx SFW p0rn x

3. Cat Man Do

4. Investing in Wind Energy

5. BBC BinLaden Tape

6. Barack Roll

7. Unexpected Performance

8. Where the Hell is Matt?

9. TFL’s Cyclist Awareness

10. Marmite Breastfeeding Ad

Finally, Virgin Mobile has a highly commended viral of its own too. It’s called “30 peas” and it promotes Virgin Mobile’s 30p a day mobile broadband, which gives you the clue as to why everything was numbered 30.

A hat tip goes to Melanie


With all the dreaded Halloween parties are looming within next few days, I’ve been trying to devise an escape route from attending such gastly events, as I hate the whole unsightly experience. Thankfully though, an idea occured to me – how about having virtual halloween! well, obviously I’m not the only one with the same idea, nevertheless there are quite few virtual worlds party invitations, if you fancy a bit of virtual horror.

The virtual Halloween was started by the residents of Second Life last year, and this year they’re hosting it’s second annual Halloween party filled with fun games and costume trivia, as announced here this morning. The event currently taking place at the GQ Village.

Vivaty, another popular virtual world hosting a Halloween Spooktacular for its residents, with a specially created scene set in a graveyard with fog, tombs and fireflies, so be sure to attend, the party is on till 10pm tonight.

MinyanLand, a virtual world for kids and families, has announced a month long celebration of Halloween with activities like scavenger hunt of spooky collectibles. If you’re a parent then join the fun today or Friday, October 31 7 pm EDT at the Bank neighbourhood.