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Now if you’ve seen Beyonce’s Single Ladies video, you might have wondered how she does it in a such blast. Choreographed by a former New York Broadway actress Gwen Verdon, the smashing video has been stirring a massive interest causing hudreds of fan remixes on the hit channel Youtube, where literally everyone from old to young is at it. As shown in the CW11 programme below, it truelly has become a web phenomenon.

And if you look closely there are MEN doing it too!


Comics, graphic novels, manga or whatever you call it, I know some people read them like the Bible thesedays. But thanks to the web, fans of comic books can now enjoy their favourite comic stories in fully explosive motion videos and according to NewTeeVee, the trend is on the rise.

Driven solely by Hollywood, motion comics are set to become hugely popular along with regular releases of action flicks and Sci-Fi films including some of my favourites like Heroes, I am Legend, as well as non-film based newcomers such as Stephen King’s N. and Watchman.

NewTeeVee says the advantages of motion comics are that unlike traditional comic books, it incorporates voice acting and music which makes comics far more impactful and dramatic. However, some might say with heavily narrated and edited motion comics, viewers can’t use their own imaginations to fill the gaps in the story. But having sat through some of the motion comics , I am impressed enough to say that the future of the comics lies in the digital format, do let me know if you disagree tho!

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