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Nowadays evertything comes ready made even a website. Thanks to a selection of online DIY toolbox excluding all the CSS, Java, HTML nonsense you can now build a website for free and as quick as your kettle boils.  So beat a web developer or two, and get cracking with building your own snazzy websites with the tools below!


SnapPages – this flash based drag and drop development tool allows you to create and manage a professional quality website from a ready-made templates. Pretty awesome tool and it gets several thumbs up from me.

Weebly – is a website as well as blog creation tool. Great thing about this tool is that it hosts your domain for free! It also lets you drag&dump videos, pictures, maps, and texts. Use it to purposefully and don’t put up second class content otherwise you look unprof and not the web developer.


BaseKit – currently in Alpha, according to company BaseKit offers a more dynamic and rich featured web creation,  only quicker!

Edicy – another simple and straightforward tool that’s probably more useful if you have a small business needing more than just an online banner.

Viviti – lets you choose from over 100 templates or design your own. I’s also based on simple non-coded editing. Vivity also hosts your website for free once it’s published. You can also ad RSS feeds and other third party content from sites such as Youtube and Flickr.


Yola – is straightforward as putting up a picture frame on a wall. It doesn’t need you to write in ISO languages instead it creates you a page with a few fancy links in it.


A fellow art and design blogger at Surfstation has posted about an innovative information mapping website called Informapping. It’s an intriguing tool that visualises where international news is being broken around the world on the internet.

According to the site, Washington is the top news breaking city in the world, but it’s kind of obvious thing to proclaim as informapping sources news from AP, CNN, Reuters and NYTimes only which means the real contraflow of global news on the internet could be a little underrepresented, nevertheless it gives a good overview on where news is breaking and with how much of an impact.



Observer published a feature today called the 08 Cool List, with effortlessly cool Alexa Chung, the Channel4 TV presenter being on top of the list. I think she well deserves to be named the coolest, as she’s uber talented, stylish and has really quirky sense of humour, and let’s not forget she bagged herself an Arctic Monkey.

Here’s rest of the top 10 cool people out of 50.

2. Miranda July

An author, film-maker, artist and god know what else, July is a neo-punkist who made a prizewinning film Me and You and Everyone We Know and a collection of stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You. She is working on some very cool web projects, go and check the out.

3 & 4. Camilla and Marc Freeman, designers

This Australian siblings who make bold yet wearable dresses worn by cool Hollywood kids like Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton and Scarlett Johanson. They must have inherited their coolness from their uber fashionista grandma or something.

5. Camille, musician

Parisian 30-year-old Camille’s 2005 album, Le Fil, starts with an intake of breath. Later, there are hand claps and moments of human beat-box. Her recent release, ‘Music Hole’, is quirky in the best possible way” Observer says. Here’s her song Paris in french 🙂

6. Henrik Vibskov, fashion designer

Danish designer Vibskov, 35, makes films and funny, colourful, brilliant cropped trousers like these ones.

7. Yvan Face Hunter, photographer/blogger

Yvan, cam-shoots rare stylistas around Europe for his street fashion blog Face Hunter and as previously posted he also has street fashion show which expolores fashion beyond Europe.

8. Steve Gullick, photographer

London-based Gullick, rose to fame as a punk photographer before starting seminal anti-music-press magazine Careless Talk Costs Lives. He photographed the likes of Kurt Cobain, Neil Young and Bloc Party and all his photos are vintage looking.

9. Brian Gathii, graphic designer

Kenyan-born Gathii uses innovative, non-fading techniques to create hilarious, neon t-shirts. Check the dude’s interview on NYLON magazine.

10. Fafi, artist

Parisian street-artist Fafi, paints feminine graffiti – curvy, sassy girls all around the world. Her profile reads “her sexy, funny, and sometimes aggressive girl characters made the whole world look and help kick-start a whole new graphic language; exploring feminity through stereotypes, and using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans”

Threadless BesteesMy trend ball tells me that we’re getting ever more loved up with our second wardrobe – our t-shirts. Forget about the Man-U t-shirts, I am talking about the trendiest and artiest t-shirts on earth.

Have you noticed the trend savvy young things wearing the insanely snazzy t-shirts, just like the ones seen on D.A.N.C.E video from Justice. Well, I personally fell in love with lots of t-shirts worn by others, but never dared to ask where they possibly got them from, sometimes I’d wonder whether they were sent by the aliens as a modern day fashion fix.

Anyhow, without being too superstitious, I went on a hunt for the most original t-shirts online and I can tell you that there is plenty of t-shirt loving culture going on and below are my Top 5 online destinations for t-shirt aficionados, in no particular order.

1. My first stop was a site called A Better Tomorrow, the site offers some really cool graphic and cartoon style t-shirts from various designers. The selection is absolutely humongous with a price tag of €16 for a tee.

2. Threadless, the only site that has a ready built community around designing and making t-shirts. Thanks to its whole-hearted DIY approach and ever revolving customer base, it has become something of a mecca for an original t-shirt lovers. Those who submit their own designs, gets a huge cash reward and as a customer you get the most inspirational, unique and random t-shirts ever made. Price: depends on your choice.

3. SP:UK is an up and coming UK clothing brand that sells the coolest and urbanist t-shirts in limited edition. It also guarentees that your t-shirt is made from an organic source. Currently they’re inviting all scribblers, doodlers and aspiring artworkers to submit their t-shirt designs to a competition here. Price: Starts from £16.50

4. BustedTees Defunker, an online t-shirt seller based in US, offers some of the most good looking t-shirts and has handsome pictures to prove it. Price: $22 (£12) for a t-shirt.

5. Uniqlo UT T-shirts has over 700 invidual designs some of which are so ecclectic and vibrant that you can’t resist not buying and once bought there’s no chance you’d find others wearing the same stuff, not to mention your t-shirt comes pickled in a jar. Price £12.99 for a funky tee.

Uniqlo UT

If you’re interested in more information about custom T-shirts I found the following blogs to be very useful T-Shirt Talk Blog and The T-shirt Around the Internet.

Oh, and you can use, a dedicated T-shirt search engines to find all the latest t-shirt designs.