Thoughts on Searching the Googledom

Google Bot by Tyler Jordan

I’m one of those lucky people whose life involves googling things up for a living. But spending nearly one quarter of my weekly working hours on googling, I began to notice some flaws Google, the biggest information churning engine presents in my very eyes.

1. Google results doesn’t get refreshed with time

Instead it chucks up some of the most boringly old web content that’s probably written even before the boom. The problem with google is that, whenever a site reaches the first in the ranking, it tend to permanently rot in the very same spot, as any below avarage google user would tell you that they’re prepared to click on anything that comes up first regardless of anything, which means the traffics to those sites ranked in the first are constant and this leads to my second problem.

2. Google’s loyalty to perfect 10

I was talking to a friend the other day who casually mentioned that she never bothers to look beyond the first 10 results in Google. Sadly that means she never gets to discover new and inspiring things that the searchland has to offer, as she’s only limited by the perfect 10 search frame. I mean why shouldn’t it be 20, 30, or even 100!!

3. Badly drawn Google

Why Google, one of the world’s richest tech company, cannot seem to invest in a decent holiday  logo designs? Graphic design has evolved beyond some silly drawings, read LogoDesignLove for goodness’ sake, and pay the artists well..

Despite all these flaws, Google is still our dearest search engine and stuff coming out of GoogleLabs are quite simply amazing but equally, I don’t think I should spend all my working hours googling only to miss out on hidden gems of WWW.


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