UK is Snowtastic!

It’s been snowing for two days in London and it is the heaviest snowing since the 1990’s apparently! With so much snow falling densely over one part of the world, I’m sure there’s a butterfly effect somewhere on the otherside of the world, where there’s barely a snow flake in sight.

Although I wasn’t able to run out and dive into 5 inch snow and feel my socks go soggy, I’ve been snowreeling some 2,400 photos tagged under #uksnow on Flickr (all tagged in the last 48 hours), which I can tell is the biggest simultaneous photo tagging of the white stuff since the World Wide Web was born in the early nineties.

Both the scale of snow and photos taken, we can proudly claim, at least for once, that UK is the most amazing Winter Wonderland ever!

Photo by ciaranj75

Photo by ciaranj75


  1. laylaperry

    The snow was sure interesting. Beautiful as it was, my guess is that by tomorrow, it will be an ugly slush.


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