Dill Pixels – Manufactured Ending

I happened to stumble across a page in the nearly two weeks old Guardian G2 supplement to find this amazing photo/art project called The End by a graphic designer known as Dill Pixels, guess the inspiration was running low.dill-pixels-the-end

But The End is great!, it’s essentially an art project showing a collection of film frames giving you a glimpse at how the golden age Hollywood movies always ended in predictable prefabrication of triumph and gloria. From snogging couples to all singing and dancing jazz bands, Hollywood movies of the old age would softly brainwash our minds to the utmost degree of vacuousness. But still we’re most satisfied with the knowledge that all things ends in good cheery blossoms and don’t we all love looney tooney endings!

For more  interesting collections from Dill Pixels, please click here.

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