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A few days ago, I was kindly asked to nominate my best viral video of the year to the Voscars, an exclusive event from Virgin Mobile, which I attended later to preview some tear jerking, jaw dropping and head smacking virals from the year of 2008. And after 30 viral nominations from 30 bloggers were sliced, diced and grilled by 30 other panel judges (the number is quite meaningful here), the winner of the Best Viral of 2008 was!…

  1. Jizz In My Pants

A little birdie told me it was a rude viral but who cares it’s xmas, anything is allowed here.

There were some equally well spotted virals at the Voscars, and below is rest of the top 10 virals of the year!

2. Diesel’s xXx SFW p0rn x

3. Cat Man Do

4. Investing in Wind Energy

5. BBC BinLaden Tape

6. Barack Roll

7. Unexpected Performance

8. Where the Hell is Matt?

9. TFL’s Cyclist Awareness

10. Marmite Breastfeeding Ad

Finally, Virgin Mobile has a highly commended viral of its own too. It’s called “30 peas” and it promotes Virgin Mobile’s 30p a day mobile broadband, which gives you the clue as to why everything was numbered 30.

A hat tip goes to Melanie


If you haven’t yet caught up with the latest Youtube meme called 51 Things, then you might be in a right place. Basically, some teenager decided to show off his/her fav belongings in their rooms and post it on Youtube, and since then it’s caught on like a wildfire with over 2,600 vids showing up.

I’ve been beshizzled by the amount of gadgets these ripe old kids own, but then I own more than 51 things and it grows more with age 😀

Anyhow, check out some of the most interesting collections.

shoreditch postersLast weekend I decided to extend my cool hunting beyond the usual digging of the search engine ditches and hit the streets of East London to experience its booming street art scene for the very first time.

I wasn’t in the mission on my own, as I joined a two dozens of art hungry bloggers on a Street Art tour around Shoreditch, which was extremely lucky of me as I was given a crash course in street art by a graffiti whizz kid Michael Vandalong and a resident Art expert Romain of Fubiz . As a result I discovered street art in the form of graffiti ( D*Face, Sweet Toof, Sickboy and Eine), stencils (Banksy, TEK13) , posters (Obey, Jim Cereal and Mike Marcus), mosaics (Invader) last but not least paintings from Barry McGee and Patr2ism.

The tour was part of a wider campaign called Gofindit from Ford Ka, which aims to encourage people to explore the city beyond just the obvious.

As a final note, I’d like to give massive thanks to Robin and Sandrine at We Are Social for bringing in an amazing Art and Mars bar filled afternoon. You can see eclectic mix of photos from our tour on Flickr and a short video clip below.

If you’re interested in organising your own street art tour, please be sure to visit StreetArtLocator , a google street art map mashup for a start.

Now if you’ve seen Beyonce’s Single Ladies video, you might have wondered how she does it in a such blast. Choreographed by a former New York Broadway actress Gwen Verdon, the smashing video has been stirring a massive interest causing hudreds of fan remixes on the hit channel Youtube, where literally everyone from old to young is at it. As shown in the CW11 programme below, it truelly has become a web phenomenon.

And if you look closely there are MEN doing it too!

While watching this ad video from Adidas, as posted on Brentter, I couldn’t help but think how much the modern service industry has evolved with new and absurd services are being branched out to solve problems in our increasingly complicated existance. Named Break-up Service, the ad’s promotes the Adidas Originals Safety Collection through a  humourous storyline plucked from the real life Wakaresaseya service culture in Japan, whereby people hire a specialist who’s more than capable of  just delivering the bad news to their spouses.

Vodpod videos no longer available.