Spatial, Gestural What?

According to my latest discovery, a groundbreaking new 3D interface technology called G-Speak has been developed by a group of nerdatronics at MIT Media Laboratory, who seem to push idea of spatial interaction beyond what we used to seeing.

Having no first-hand experience,  at first I struggled to grasp the idea behind it but to put it in the simplest possible words, the interface is built on so called Spatial Operating Environment (SOE) techonology, which allows the peeps interact with it through hand gesturing. So if you imagine you’re an orchestra conductor and all of a sudden your computer data dances around you with every hand movements you make.

Oblong Industries, the team behind the mouth-opening project, is said to have been working on it since the early 90’s and their vision and technical expertise was even exploited by the Hollywood film makers including Steven Spielberg, who used a slice of the technology in his futuristic action flick “Minority Report“.

Check the rest out in the following demo video. It’s simply incredulous!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Minority Report For Real – Fubiz“, posted with vodpod

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