Happy Virtual Halloween Everyone

With all the dreaded Halloween parties are looming within next few days, I’ve been trying to devise an escape route from attending such gastly events, as I hate the whole unsightly experience. Thankfully though, an idea occured to me – how about having virtual halloween! well, obviously I’m not the only one with the same idea, nevertheless there are quite few virtual worlds party invitations, if you fancy a bit of virtual horror.

The virtual Halloween was started by the residents of Second Life last year, and this year they’re hosting it’s second annual Halloween party filled with fun games and costume trivia, as announced here this morning. The event currently taking place at the GQ Village.

Vivaty, another popular virtual world hosting a Halloween Spooktacular for its residents, with a specially created scene set in a graveyard with fog, tombs and fireflies, so be sure to attend, the party is on till 10pm tonight.

MinyanLand, a virtual world for kids and families, has announced a month long celebration of Halloween with activities like scavenger hunt of spooky collectibles. If you’re a parent then join the fun today or Friday, October 31 7 pm EDT at the Bank neighbourhood.


  1. The cross virtual worlds social network is hosting an initiative for gathering all the halloween metaverse pics…….


    I would love to see some pics also from Vivaty (this is the first time I heard about this virtual world)

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