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With all the dreaded Halloween parties are looming within next few days, I’ve been trying to devise an escape route from attending such gastly events, as I hate the whole unsightly experience. Thankfully though, an idea occured to me – how about having virtual halloween! well, obviously I’m not the only one with the same idea, nevertheless there are quite few virtual worlds party invitations, if you fancy a bit of virtual horror.

The virtual Halloween was started by the residents of Second Life last year, and this year they’re hosting it’s second annual Halloween party filled with fun games and costume trivia, as announced here this morning. The event currently taking place at the GQ Village.

Vivaty, another popular virtual world hosting a Halloween Spooktacular for its residents, with a specially created scene set in a graveyard with fog, tombs and fireflies, so be sure to attend, the party is on till 10pm tonight.

MinyanLand, a virtual world for kids and families, has announced a month long celebration of Halloween with activities like scavenger hunt of spooky collectibles. If you’re a parent then join the fun today or Friday, October 31 7 pm EDT at the Bank neighbourhood.


Who said paper was the only way of printing and distributing news? According to a new invention by T-Post, a quirky Swedish company, you can now have your news printed on a t-shirt. Once you’ve digested the news on your t-shirt, you can then go out in the street wearing it. It’s revealed that T-Post have more than 2,600 subscribers and 1,027 fans from around the world with new issues appearing every six weeks. What’s more you can also model for your T-Post too, but only if you live in Sweden and willing to stand in your pants for the photoshoot.

I think T-Post is a great addition to my previous post SME Hunts for T-shirt Heavens, as one of the best places to get your hands on rare uber-trendy t-shirts.

The Berlin based Pixel Art trio Steffen, Svend  and Kai of eBoy has released an updated version of the London poster this week, to much of my pleasure.

If you haven’t heard of them before, “eBoy is an art collective founded in 1998 by Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr, build their artwork pixel by pixel. Their work makes intense use of popular culture and commercial icons, and their style is presented in three-dimensional isometric illustrations filled with robots, cars, guns and girls. Their unique style has gained them a cult following among graphic designers worldwide, as well as a long list of commercial clients, such as Coca-Cola, MTV, VH1, Adidas and Honda” – via Mark Frauenfelder

What is more, they’ve also created a poster for Adobe Air as part of their European Tour and Lee Brimelow at Adobe Flash has the rare footage showing a great deal of insight into the artists’ skills and work.

If you’re interested in becoming pixel artist and looking for an inspiration then, PSDTUTS has a great article titled 20+ Inspiring Pixel Artists, Tutorials and Resources.

This video is self-explanatory and I very much agree with the message it conveys

I find this little mandolin playing songstress utterly charming. With her obvious gift of raw musical talent, DaisyCow88, the latest of youtube music  phenomenon, has been drawing all sorts of attention on YouTube in recent months.