Take Me to The Future, Browser!

I know the Google’s Chrome has recently made a well applauded public entrance to already configured terrain of web browsing market and was then quickly hailed as the future of the web browsing, but I still think the browser technology innovation doesn’t quite end there.

The flat screen, structured way of navigating and browsing the internet has long been challenged with extra creativity and dimensions of a whole new level. Some of these browsers are so much worthy of our celebration, that I decided to include few in this post.

1. Navigaya Beta – a browser with multitudes of innovative elements, it is the ultimate browser that you get completely immersed into. With its sensual, sleek design and the subtle background music this browser has really stolen my heart from the very first instance. Without spoiling it any further, I have the demo here.

2. CoolIris – as the name suggest, this is a browser that allows you to experience the most amazing multidimensional internet browsing you could ever have. CoolIris is an integrated browser through which you can watch and organise all your social media assets and profiles. Build as a simple add-on application, you can easily download this browser as part of your Firefox extention.

3. 3B – another 3D inspired browser that has been existing for a while. Unlike other 3D browsers, 3B is based on unification of virtual world and a browser. The result is quite interesting as the browser looks a bit like a cross between virtual rooms and social browsing.

  1. Hey Gerel, This is masoom from weboobie.com(a web 2.0 site). Really nice to see a site of the same genre.

    Its’s true web 2.0 and social media is redefining the world wide web.

    The broswer 3B sounds kool, I have never tried using it.

    Btw Thanks for Linking 😉 Just add me to your favorite blogs, I will do the same.

    keep coming!!

    – Masoom

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