Im w00t wif Emoticons

The culture analysts at Wired posted a great piece about the evolution of emoticons, a simple text expressions that existed long before the World Wide Web itself. I’d never known who exactly invented it, but it turns out that it was Scott Fahlman, an innocent computer scientist at Carnegie-Mellon University, who first proposed using typographical smiley faces to make the collective life at the campus bit more cheery, back in 1982.

But what is more significant Wired says has happened to internet language is that, not only emoticons has become a part of our daily internet communication but it has also become an icon on its own right that it has outgrown the internet and has been capitalised upon in every ways.

While emoticons are still very much thrown into nearly every emails I write (emails often asking people for favours), other keyboard languages has sprung up to shake up the Queen’s English grammer that even proper linguists can’t keep up with it. These languages are  LOL Speaking! and L33t Speaking. The former is a type of language popularised by the LolCat phenomenon and often fetishised by people who thinks their cats are clever or funnier that they are. As for the latter, Leet Speaking has been mysteriously used by die hard gamers and the internet wizards. Leet or l33t language involves using numbers to replace certain letters (mostly vowels) such as A = 4 or E = 3, to create words like d00d, n00b and l4m3r. See the result in the video below.

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