Forget Scrables, Let’s Playfish!

Ouch! my brain really hurts. It hurts because I’ve been playing Playfish on Facebook all afternoon, the new social gaming success since Scrabulous got forcefully scrapped off and replaced with architypal reject, the Scrables. Ranked as one of the top 10 gaming apps on Facebook, Playfish offers clever yet fun games such as Who Has the Biggest Brain?, Building Buddies and Word Challange, all of which helps you to work out your brain cells to the point of becoming a genious.

The games are designed to be social and incredibly addictive as your gaming scores are ranked among your friends’ resulting in competitive score beating. According to an article on Forbes via MSN, Playfish now represent nearly 13 million gamers and 924,400 active daily players, and it has set to become the new generation of social gaming.

If you’re having a lazy afternoon like  me and fancy a bit of brain exercise then give Playfish a go and see if you can top my scores, which currently stand at:

Who Has the Biggest Brain?: 2091

Word Challange:6240

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