Brazil Simply Got Talent

It seems Brazil, the country of the famous Bossa Nova is bursting with new musical talents who are the new generation of MySpace famers in the making.

We’ve seen the likes of CSS rocked the Brit pop scene with their wildly chromatic costumes, lyrically extatic and musically flash performances. According to the Times music review, CSS definitely has the charm offence to make us smooth bang our heads repulsively.

“With an effortless and non-ironic joie de vivre, CSS were embraced by the UK for their camp punk attitude. Their self-titled debut’s mix of fuzzy, lo-fi electro pop ranked among the best of 2006. It was also clear from their live shows that this was the kind of loveable, scrappy, surreal gang that everyone wanted to be part of.”

However, although CSS might be the new young things in town, they’re not the youngest as there’s a 15 years old hearty soul singer and song writer, Mallu Magalhaes, who has been rumoured to become the Lilly Allen of Brazil.

And last but not least, another YouTuber to hit the viral chart is the 7 year old drummer Letícia Santos, who is not only an exceptionally brilliant at it, but also she was the youngest drummer in the world at the age of four, yes only four to my disbelief.


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