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Ouch! my brain really hurts. It hurts because I’ve been playing Playfish on Facebook all afternoon, the new social gaming success since Scrabulous got forcefully scrapped off and replaced with architypal reject, the Scrables. Ranked as one of the top 10 gaming apps on Facebook, Playfish offers clever yet fun games such as Who Has the Biggest Brain?, Building Buddies and Word Challange, all of which helps you to work out your brain cells to the point of becoming a genious.

The games are designed to be social and incredibly addictive as your gaming scores are ranked among your friends’ resulting in competitive score beating. According to an article on Forbes via MSN, Playfish now represent nearly 13 million gamers and 924,400 active daily players, and it has set to become the new generation of social gaming.

If you’re having a lazy afternoon like  me and fancy a bit of brain exercise then give Playfish a go and see if you can top my scores, which currently stand at:

Who Has the Biggest Brain?: 2091

Word Challange:6240


Comics, graphic novels, manga or whatever you call it, I know some people read them like the Bible thesedays. But thanks to the web, fans of comic books can now enjoy their favourite comic stories in fully explosive motion videos and according to NewTeeVee, the trend is on the rise.

Driven solely by Hollywood, motion comics are set to become hugely popular along with regular releases of action flicks and Sci-Fi films including some of my favourites like Heroes, I am Legend, as well as non-film based newcomers such as Stephen King’s N. and Watchman.

NewTeeVee says the advantages of motion comics are that unlike traditional comic books, it incorporates voice acting and music which makes comics far more impactful and dramatic. However, some might say with heavily narrated and edited motion comics, viewers can’t use their own imaginations to fill the gaps in the story. But having sat through some of the motion comics , I am impressed enough to say that the future of the comics lies in the digital format, do let me know if you disagree tho!

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I noticed that I’ve been mostly writing about art and fashion here on SME, but today I thought I’d talk about something that’s more serious and grown up. It’s about the Blog Action Day. What about it?, well Blog Action Day is a mass online discussion and debate event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to talk about the truly global issue of poverty.

You may sit there and think, this is not something that affects you directly, but if you think carefully, poverty is still prevailing, whether it’s globally or locally. Poverty doens’t mean being unable to afford a car or a house nor is it about not being able to fullfil our dreams and goals, to some it simply means a constant struggle for survival and even the basics of life’s necessities.

Launched this month, the event will happen on 15th October 2008 and I can already feel that this is going to be the biggest online discussion on the issues that are facing every societies of the world, including poverty and the environment. Throughout the event, thoughts and opinions are wildly encouraged and freedom speech sought to be declared. Below is their promo video.

I personally think that this is a great example of how social media can be used to unite people for a single purpose, a purpose that has been around for so long yet very crucial to the human race and our very existance, and I loudly applaud the organisers of the event for their remarkable effort in bringing this to bloggers like me. Opinionated as I am, I’ll be using the opportunity to throw some wild comments and thoughts, in non-disstressing ways of course 😉

So where’s our troubled soul searcher Amy has been up to lately? Well, according to Techradar, she’s debuted her first ever video game called Escape From Rehab.

The game features Amy kicking asses including those of the incredible Hulk and Batman, while trying to escape the rehab.

Her fighting skills include air kicking, smacking, throwing drugs, smashing someone with her larger than life bee-hive. Although the game seems to have few tricks, it requires minimum effort and skill to play and sometimes unruly character of Amy might not follow your instructions.

All in all, I enjoyed playing Amy and hopefully you can too get her out of rehab one day.

Warning: the game does contain some strong language, I mean Amy’s signature swearing.

It seems Brazil, the country of the famous Bossa Nova is bursting with new musical talents who are the new generation of MySpace famers in the making.

We’ve seen the likes of CSS rocked the Brit pop scene with their wildly chromatic costumes, lyrically extatic and musically flash performances. According to the Times music review, CSS definitely has the charm offence to make us smooth bang our heads repulsively.

“With an effortless and non-ironic joie de vivre, CSS were embraced by the UK for their camp punk attitude. Their self-titled debut’s mix of fuzzy, lo-fi electro pop ranked among the best of 2006. It was also clear from their live shows that this was the kind of loveable, scrappy, surreal gang that everyone wanted to be part of.”

However, although CSS might be the new young things in town, they’re not the youngest as there’s a 15 years old hearty soul singer and song writer, Mallu Magalhaes, who has been rumoured to become the Lilly Allen of Brazil.

And last but not least, another YouTuber to hit the viral chart is the 7 year old drummer Letícia Santos, who is not only an exceptionally brilliant at it, but also she was the youngest drummer in the world at the age of four, yes only four to my disbelief.

The biggest and most successful social media campaigner is no doubt the US Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama. Not only has he been driving unity across America, he has also influenced the modern art of posters. In fact he has become so prevelant that his image replaced the iconic Che Guevara poster, as the true leader of graphics. Below is just a few examples of posters, which is a very small part of his campaigning, there are street arts, clothing designs and even an art exhibition all inspired by him. I’d say good on ya Mr Obama!

Image via Fubiz

Samsung has come up with yet another interactive video promoting its Samsung Instinct phone, which essentially shows the life of a professional urban adventurist who happens to have a very high sense of instinct when it comes to promiscuity. Whatever the storyline is it’s quite interesting one to watch, why? because the video used YouTube’s new annotations (a new tool that allows publishers to add interactive speech marks, links and spotlights on to the video), in order to create a storyline with multiple possibilities and ultimately viewer driven entertainment video experience.

According to Fjord Interactive Marketing, the makers of the video, they intended to emphasise that making routine choices in life makes your life less spontaneous and if only you owned Samsung Instinct you might turn that around and sleep with more women than you usually do.