Beer Brewer Adds Art to Its Taste

Beck’s Canvas

Nowadays we’re surrounded by the ubiquity of art and graphics – we’ve seen art being displayed on everything from concrete walls to acrylic nails. Furthermore, visual imagery has become an integral part of our culture and consumption to such an extent that according to the latest example even beer brands such as Beck’s is now associating themselves to grassroot artists. Beck’s latest marketing campaign Beck’s Canvas included the creation of four young Royal College of Art graduates for its bottles, and the artists behind the labels are:

  • Head 6 by Tom Price – a London based contemporary sculptor
  • Pintora by Charlotte Bracegirdle, an artist whose niche is to paint a portrait without a face.
  • Let’s Stick Together by Riita Ikonen, an artist who likes to mix miniaturised objects with real life situations.
  • Duckrabbit by Simon Cunningham, a photographer with distorted lens 😀

Another beer brand who recently collaborated with artists is Colt45. According to Juxtapoz, “Colt 45 invited the Food One artist aka Jim Mahfood to create a custom limited edition 16oz beer cans adorned with Food One’s signature cartoon artistry”.

Image via Juxtapoz: Colt45

What is more, Mountain Dew, a caffeinated, sweet citrus, soft drink brand from PepsiCo Inc, has also created an artist inspired green bottles to match its green taste.

Mountain Dew Green Art Bottles

To some this is a clever way of selling and promoting a beer, since the alcohol market is saturated with new products being introduced every day. I personally prefer to be surrounded by art than having brand logos splattered all over the place.


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