Knitting is Back on the To-Do List

It looks as though one of the most old-fashioned hobbies has been re-invented, in fact it’s been thriving quite aggressively that it might soon outgrow the internet more than anything else. It’s not bird watching, baking or pottery, it’s what our aunties and grandmothers used to do to kill the time, it’s knitting. Oh yes, I remember doing it at school and not impressing anyone with my head-to-toe woolly hat.

In the old days, knitting involved making threads and using it to make crochet or a scarves or a jumper that doesn’t quite fit right, however naturally things have moved on and today’s eager knitters can create all sorts of bizarre objects that are simply out of modern day practicalities, like these ones below.

Image Source: Sarah Illenberger

And a blogger on Truly Scruptious Knitted Food knits pies and doughnuts…which look truly delish.

It seems the popularity of knitting has almost became galactic and although I like the idea of making my own apparels, I still don’t understand why people spends so much time preoccupied with it and brandish their weird creations all over the internet. I can only guess that it might have some sort of psychologically calming effect on people, though that doesn’t sound quite right.

If you ever find yourself interested in knitting then you can follow the social knitting crowd on places like Knitty Gritty, CraftyCrafty, Craftzine and share techniques and patterns on Let’s Knit Magazine and Knitty.


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