Did 28 Costumes really come out of Hollyoaks?

A British indie band 28 Costumes has made a really quirky video using animated album covers from bands like Blur, Madness, Clash and Velvet Underground.

Having never heard of the band nor listened to their music, I eagerly searched for reviews and found this on ClickMusic – I can tell you it’s the best music review I ever read :D.

28 Costumes have been knocking around a few years now, wandering the streets of ‘indie’ like lonesome troubadours, bivouacs strapped to their backs, looking a little bit like Fletch from Hollyoaks, but without the track marks.

‘Erika’ marks the band’s return; a piece of epic guitar work, frantically scaling up and down the fretboard. Call and response vocals, and every line finishing with a shout all add to the bluster, buffeting your ears with beautiful melodies. It channels a pinch of British Sea Power, a hint of The Killers, but makes the influences their own.


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