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Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman is featured in an old Bollywood style music video called Carmensita from Devendra Banhart, a folk indie artist whose latest album is called “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon“. Tho the video is about Hindu love tale, the song is in Spanish and has English subtitles, and in truth, it can’t get any more obscure than this:


Beck’s Canvas

Nowadays we’re surrounded by the ubiquity of art and graphics – we’ve seen art being displayed on everything from concrete walls to acrylic nails. Furthermore, visual imagery has become an integral part of our culture and consumption to such an extent that according to the latest example even beer brands such as Beck’s is now associating themselves to grassroot artists. Beck’s latest marketing campaign Beck’s Canvas included the creation of four young Royal College of Art graduates for its bottles, and the artists behind the labels are:

  • Head 6 by Tom Price – a London based contemporary sculptor
  • Pintora by Charlotte Bracegirdle, an artist whose niche is to paint a portrait without a face.
  • Let’s Stick Together by Riita Ikonen, an artist who likes to mix miniaturised objects with real life situations.
  • Duckrabbit by Simon Cunningham, a photographer with distorted lens ๐Ÿ˜€

Another beer brand who recently collaborated with artists is Colt45. According to Juxtapoz, “Colt 45 invited the Food One artist aka Jim Mahfood to create a custom limited edition 16oz beer cans adorned with Food Oneโ€™s signature cartoon artistry”.

Image via Juxtapoz: Colt45

What is more, Mountain Dew, a caffeinated, sweet citrus, soft drink brand from PepsiCo Inc, has also created an artist inspired green bottles to match its green taste.

Mountain Dew Green Art Bottles

To some this is a clever way of selling and promoting a beer, since the alcohol market is saturated with new products being introduced every day. I personally prefer to be surrounded by art than having brand logos splattered all over the place.

It looks as though one of the most old-fashioned hobbies has been re-invented, in fact it’s been thriving quite aggressively that it might soon outgrow the internet more than anything else. It’s not bird watching, baking or pottery, it’s what our aunties and grandmothers used to do to kill the time, it’s knitting. Oh yes, I remember doing it at school and not impressing anyone with my head-to-toe woolly hat.

In the old days, knitting involved making threads and using it to make crochet or a scarves or a jumper that doesn’t quite fit right, however naturally things have moved on and today’s eager knitters can create all sorts of bizarre objects that are simply out of modern day practicalities, like these ones below.

Image Source: Sarah Illenberger

And a blogger on Truly Scruptious Knitted Food knits pies and doughnuts…which look truly delish.

It seems the popularity of knitting has almost became galactic and although I like the idea of making my own apparels, I still don’t understand why people spends so much time preoccupied with it and brandish their weird creations all over the internet. I can only guess that it might have some sort of psychologically calming effect on people, though that doesn’t sound quite right.

If you ever find yourself interested in knitting then you can follow the social knitting crowd on places like Knitty Gritty, CraftyCrafty, Craftzine and share techniques and patterns on Let’s Knit Magazine and Knitty.

A British indie band 28 Costumes has made a really quirky video using animated album covers from bands like Blur, Madness, Clash and Velvet Underground.

Having never heard of the band nor listened to their music, I eagerly searched for reviews and found this on ClickMusic – I can tell you it’s the best music review I ever read :D.

28 Costumes have been knocking around a few years now, wandering the streets of ‘indie’ like lonesome troubadours, bivouacs strapped to their backs, looking a little bit like Fletch from Hollyoaks, but without the track marks.

‘Erika’ marks the band’s return; a piece of epic guitar work, frantically scaling up and down the fretboard. Call and response vocals, and every line finishing with a shout all add to the bluster, buffeting your ears with beautiful melodies. It channels a pinch of British Sea Power, a hint of The Killers, but makes the influences their own.


Observer published a feature today called the 08 Cool List, with effortlessly cool Alexa Chung, the Channel4 TV presenter being on top of the list. I think she well deserves to be named the coolest, as she’s uber talented, stylish and has really quirky sense of humour, and let’s not forget she bagged herself an Arctic Monkey.

Here’s rest of the top 10 cool people out of 50.

2. Miranda July

An author, film-maker, artist and god know what else, July is a neo-punkist who made a prizewinning film Me and You and Everyone We Know and a collection of stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You. She is working on some very cool web projects, go and check the out.

3 & 4. Camilla and Marc Freeman, designers

This Australian siblings who make bold yet wearable dresses worn by cool Hollywood kids like Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton and Scarlett Johanson. They must have inherited their coolness from their uber fashionista grandma or something.

5. Camille, musician

Parisian 30-year-old Camille’s 2005 album, Le Fil, starts with an intake of breath. Later, there are hand claps and moments of human beat-box. Her recent release, ‘Music Hole’, is quirky in the best possible way” Observer says. Here’s her song Paris in french ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Henrik Vibskov, fashion designer

Danish designer Vibskov, 35, makes films and funny, colourful, brilliant cropped trousers like these ones.

7. Yvan Face Hunter, photographer/blogger

Yvan, cam-shoots rare stylistas around Europe for his street fashion blog Face Hunter and as previously posted he also has street fashion show which expolores fashion beyond Europe.

8. Steve Gullick, photographer

London-based Gullick, rose to fame as a punk photographer before starting seminal anti-music-press magazine Careless Talk Costs Lives. He photographed the likes of Kurt Cobain, Neil Young and Bloc Party and all his photos are vintage looking.

9. Brian Gathii, graphic designer

Kenyan-born Gathii uses innovative, non-fading techniques to create hilarious, neon t-shirts. Check the dude’s interview on NYLON magazine.

10. Fafi, artist

Parisian street-artist Fafi, paints feminine graffiti – curvy, sassy girls all around the world. Her profile reads “her sexy, funny, and sometimes aggressive girl characters made the whole world look and help kick-start a whole new graphic language; exploring feminity through stereotypes, and using it to her advantage, she drew enormous attention and thus started to travel the world with thousands of Fafinettes in her brushes and paint cans”

Iย  have been shown the way to this rather rummy video called “Pull Your Pants Up” by a self made band called High Street Ken and Indoor Champions. The video is disenchantingly original and quite amusing to be fair and If you’ve never heard a song about pants then here is your chance.

Above is only a teaser, you can watch the whole flow here as Youtube doesn’t allow explicit images.

Oh wait, the band has more of their “frickin ballads” on myspace.