From Sleeveface to Moneyface

Trend Hunter has revealed an interesting photography series called Money Shots on Flickr, in which a group of photographers have created a rather unusual form of art by combining a real human face, with the faces of Sir Edwards Elgar, The Queen Elisabeth ll, and Charles Darvin on £10 and 20£ notes and this one is my personal favourite.


Now I must admit I’ve seen very similar photography projects in the past and I’ve got a sneak suspicion that this sort of activity has its origin in the “Vynil Sleeve Heads” art movement, which has been gaining a lot of traction on the internet with increasing number of peeps are getting involved.

In fact, it has now its dedicated Facebook group Facesleeves containing 2,245 human/sleeve photos and a Flickr group Sleeveface with members tolling 1,345. I also came across that Mojo, an online music magazine, has called for its readers to post their own version of Vynil Sleeve Heads photos.

Having found my inspiration from “How to Sleeveface” video guide below, I am off to submit my own version of sleeveface to the new Sleeveface Contest 2008 and I urge you all to do the same.

And this is my sleeveface, not bad aye!

Gerel Sleeveface

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