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Threadless BesteesMy trend ball tells me that we’re getting ever more loved up with our second wardrobe – our t-shirts. Forget about the Man-U t-shirts, I am talking about the trendiest and artiest t-shirts on earth.

Have you noticed the trend savvy young things wearing the insanely snazzy t-shirts, just like the ones seen on D.A.N.C.E video from Justice. Well, I personally fell in love with lots of t-shirts worn by others, but never dared to ask where they possibly got them from, sometimes I’d wonder whether they were sent by the aliens as a modern day fashion fix.

Anyhow, without being too superstitious, I went on a hunt for the most original t-shirts online and I can tell you that there is plenty of t-shirt loving culture going on and below are my Top 5 online destinations for t-shirt aficionados, in no particular order.

1. My first stop was a site called A Better Tomorrow, the site offers some really cool graphic and cartoon style t-shirts from various designers. The selection is absolutely humongous with a price tag of €16 for a tee.

2. Threadless, the only site that has a ready built community around designing and making t-shirts. Thanks to its whole-hearted DIY approach and ever revolving customer base, it has become something of a mecca for an original t-shirt lovers. Those who submit their own designs, gets a huge cash reward and as a customer you get the most inspirational, unique and random t-shirts ever made. Price: depends on your choice.

3. SP:UK is an up and coming UK clothing brand that sells the coolest and urbanist t-shirts in limited edition. It also guarentees that your t-shirt is made from an organic source. Currently they’re inviting all scribblers, doodlers and aspiring artworkers to submit their t-shirt designs to a competition here. Price: Starts from £16.50

4. BustedTees Defunker, an online t-shirt seller based in US, offers some of the most good looking t-shirts and has handsome pictures to prove it. Price: $22 (£12) for a t-shirt.

5. Uniqlo UT T-shirts has over 700 invidual designs some of which are so ecclectic and vibrant that you can’t resist not buying and once bought there’s no chance you’d find others wearing the same stuff, not to mention your t-shirt comes pickled in a jar. Price £12.99 for a funky tee.

Uniqlo UT

If you’re interested in more information about custom T-shirts I found the following blogs to be very useful T-Shirt Talk Blog and The T-shirt Around the Internet.

Oh, and you can use, a dedicated T-shirt search engines to find all the latest t-shirt designs.


Humankind has been using maps ever since we existed, that’s because we simply have a very poor sense of navigation or maybe that we are too lazy to remember where is the nearest Tesco for example. But not long ago Google Maps came along, revolutionising the way we search and find places without the need of a compass. Further to the excitement, there has been an explosion in the number of Google Maps mashups in recent months, some of which makes mapping more fun, purposeful and most of all social, and I am here to review a few of them.

First of all, I’ve discovered this quite serviceable tool called MapMe, which allows you to pinpoint your favourite hotspots and personalise it by including photos and videos of the place. It then gives you an option to share it with your mates as well as the community on MapMe. So it’s kind of like your personal map becoming available for others to see, simple!

Next is my favourite mashup called TwitterSpy, a tool that allows you to spy on Twitter public timeline in real time. It is built on the combination of both Twitter API and Google Map API and result is simply great! With TwitterSpy you can locate tweeters by their country, city and even by the streets!

Finally, Google Maps has been applied to an art project called SkipWaste. An art graduate Oliver Bishop-Young decided to turn skips to a lounge, swimming pool and garden for a graduate art exhibition, and all of his arty skips can be located via his Google Maps mashup SkipWaste.

Indeed Google Maps Mashups has become a form of Art, and recently been declared so by the Museum of Modern Art in New York according to Google Maps Mania

If you’d like a further reading on Google Maps Mashups, Mashable has posted 13 Must-see Google Maps Mashups, and there are 1,500 posts on the subject on Google Maps Mania.

Trend Hunter has revealed an interesting photography series called Money Shots on Flickr, in which a group of photographers have created a rather unusual form of art by combining a real human face, with the faces of Sir Edwards Elgar, The Queen Elisabeth ll, and Charles Darvin on £10 and 20£ notes and this one is my personal favourite.


Now I must admit I’ve seen very similar photography projects in the past and I’ve got a sneak suspicion that this sort of activity has its origin in the “Vynil Sleeve Heads” art movement, which has been gaining a lot of traction on the internet with increasing number of peeps are getting involved.

In fact, it has now its dedicated Facebook group Facesleeves containing 2,245 human/sleeve photos and a Flickr group Sleeveface with members tolling 1,345. I also came across that Mojo, an online music magazine, has called for its readers to post their own version of Vynil Sleeve Heads photos.

Having found my inspiration from “How to Sleeveface” video guide below, I am off to submit my own version of sleeveface to the new Sleeveface Contest 2008 and I urge you all to do the same.

And this is my sleeveface, not bad aye!

Gerel Sleeveface

The world’s favourite street fashion blogger Yvan Rodic at Face Hunter has reportedly launched a show that will capture the weird and wonderfulness of the world’s fashion at it’s rawest.

Shot to fame after taking thousands of photos of street fashionistas around the world, Yvan is said to be embarking on a bigger project of capturing the modern fashion and culture beyond still images. In a recent interview with PFSK, Yvan explained how he got the inspirations:

“After two years of chasing the elegantly strange, the aesthetically sensual and the discretely eccentric in the world-wide playground of Face Hunter, I feel like it’s high time I share more than just my photos. It became almost frustrating not to show to the world the creativity of all the people I was meeting, who happenned to be not only well dressed but for lots of them very talented as well.”

You can catch up with the rest of the show by visiting on Myspace.

I’ve just been invited to watch a viral video from Samsung called “I guess sometimes you’re just better off staying at home!” which illustrates why should people go on a holiday for the sake of it and become part of the mass tourism, while there is a perfect haven, your home!” I’ll leave rest of the judgement to others.

Freak PartyYaay! I pleased to have created this blog which I will be using to post about things that interests me most i.e social media, online trend, music and culture, Art and Design and last but not least a lots of random things internet offers on a daily basis.

I aim to make this blog as inquisitive and to the point as possible, so that I don’t  waste people’s precious time by publishing lots of woolly egotistical nonsense, which there are plenty of the net.

Keep checking my blog for the very best of the internet