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I always thought the French capital lived up to its reputation for being the most immaculate city in the world until I came across an interseting art project from Fondation Cartier, which convinced the hell out of me that those shipshape Parisians in fact do have an unsupressable interest in street art.

As part of the project called Grafitti Taxonomy, Evan Roth took photos of nearly all grafittis in Paris and then created what’s called a graffiti analysis software, which allows him to tag and visualise different styles of graffitis and make them all available for a public view online.

Take a look at a piece of the action below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Slate TV has put together a great mashup video showing how moonwalk was first popularised by Jacko, when dance moves back in the 1980 was nothing more than a bit of side swaying and merry clapping.

I think everyone who agrees he’s the biggest musical legend should learn how to moonwalk.  However, if you do it, at least do it properly for Jacko’s sake and not commit yourself to a moonwalk fail like this one.

To me he’s best remembered by his out of the ordinary dance moves, smacking boogie tunes, and of course the unfading sounds like Eeeeheee! or Wooow!


Web’s top gem collector Urlesque has spotted this new kick-ass video from a London based We Have Band. Now, I’m a big fan of stop-motion films, but this is something of an intrinsic value, as it’s made from 4,816 individual stills. Created for the song “You Came Out” by some of the bands own members, the 3 minute animation goes well beyond anything I’ve seen, and truly fantabulous.

The band describes the process of making the video as painstaking, as everyone had to be hand-painted and shot over two days with mouth and lyric syncing to care about.

Nowadays evertything comes ready made even a website. Thanks to a selection of online DIY toolbox excluding all the CSS, Java, HTML nonsense you can now build a website for free and as quick as your kettle boils.  So beat a web developer or two, and get cracking with building your own snazzy websites with the tools below!


SnapPages – this flash based drag and drop development tool allows you to create and manage a professional quality website from a ready-made templates. Pretty awesome tool and it gets several thumbs up from me.

Weebly – is a website as well as blog creation tool. Great thing about this tool is that it hosts your domain for free! It also lets you drag&dump videos, pictures, maps, and texts. Use it to purposefully and don’t put up second class content otherwise you look unprof and not the web developer.


BaseKit – currently in Alpha, according to company BaseKit offers a more dynamic and rich featured web creation,  only quicker!

Edicy – another simple and straightforward tool that’s probably more useful if you have a small business needing more than just an online banner.

Viviti – lets you choose from over 100 templates or design your own. I’s also based on simple non-coded editing. Vivity also hosts your website for free once it’s published. You can also ad RSS feeds and other third party content from sites such as Youtube and Flickr.


Yola – is straightforward as putting up a picture frame on a wall. It doesn’t need you to write in ISO languages instead it creates you a page with a few fancy links in it.

This week we heard some shocking news announcement coming from the celeb village. Unless you’ve been completely media blind then you must have heard the front row celeb gossip about Katie and Peter’s decision to end their 3.5 year marriage.

Usually I don’t give a full attention to celebrity splits and the subsequent court dramas it brings, but this one almost hit some of us hard on the head that we feel somewhat upset and derailed. Of course everyone must be making their own assumptions at this difficult time, but for me this is another reason to believe that celeb marriages aren’t always made in heaven, and that we should always lower our expecations to celeb couplings, otherwise we might not be able to get out of this recession sooner than we hoped 😀

Below is what a stuckist or remodernist artist MarkD had to say about their split.

Katie Price & Peter Andre: Couldn't Give a Shit What Katie Does Next by Mark D

Katie Price & Peter Andre: Couldn't Give a Shit What Katie Does Next by Mark D

Boxxy’s one of my fav Youtube personalities, a goofy teen girl who made millions of us spellbound with her weird webcam blasting traits. However, since the public and media have discovered her, it seems she’s no longer braving an appearance on her Youtube channel boxxybabee. I know that some people have questioned her real identity and whether she was a yet another LonelyGirl15 type of character, but after hudreds of memes, and over 41,000 subbers, has she dissapeared off the face of Youtube for good?!, surely not. Below is a video by RocketBoom explaining who Boxxy is and why we care about her.

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An award winning social anthropologists  and creative animators at London Squared production has recently made this intriguing piece of stop-motion animation featuring real interview with sub-ethnic New Yorkers  discussing their lives as minority citizens of the worlds biggest cosmopoilitan city. I mean, what’s better way to describe NY other than asking its citizens?

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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I don’t know how 3D videos are possible, especially if you’re watching it on youtube.  But some experi-mentalists have come up with ways to bring in a proper 3D cinematic experience on your laptop screen! which means you can now watch weird and wonderful video footage of people showing their extraordinarily boring experiments in 3D. Alas, I could only wish  Chocolate Rain was in 3D.

Anyway, here are some rich pickings of 3D vids, if you don’t have funky red and blue glasses then bigwazo shows you how to make a pair.

And this guy tells exactly how you do it…

Someone with little crafty fingers has found a genious way to reuse cassettes for art purposes. Unlike me, who used to make hair extensions out of old cassette tapes, a budding artist Iri5 has created something much more meaningful out of them cobalt tapes, a portrait of Jimi Hendrix!

Iris5: Ghost in the Machine Flickr Set

Seek out for yourself, and see more tape portraits of rock legends here

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